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Rebel and Be Well - Christa Rymal EPISODE 2, 26th February 2021
Physician, Educator and Facilitator Dr. Loie Lenarz
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Physician, Educator and Facilitator Dr. Loie Lenarz

Our second podcast episode features a kindred spirit and courageous retreat leader, Dr. Loie Lenarz. Hear how empathy and emotional learning for healthcare professionals changes the landscape of patient care and provider success. Understand the pain being concealed, but strongly felt, by healing professionals, and how group support and prioritizing the self can bridge the feeling of disconnect between the trauma experienced inside hospital walls and the day-to-day lives we're asked to seamlessly return to. 

Loie spent 12 years in private practice followed by 10 years as Fairview’s Chief Clinical Officer and has been a clinical professor at the University of Minnesota since 1984. In 2007 she was awarded an Archibald Bush Foundation Medical Fellowship, during which she had the opportunity to study Adaptive Leadership with Dr. Ron Heifetz at Harvard and became a facilitator through The Center for Courage and Renewal.

Listen to learn where you find peace, camaraderie and long-term satisfaction in your work. Bonus: On this episode you'll also hear some of the best medical advice we've ever received.
Programs at The Center for Courage & Renewal:
- http://www.couragerenewal.org/

Join Dr. Loie Lenarz as she leads resiliency groupwork and education for healthcare professionals at The Point. She will present and facilitate at two CME retreats offered in 2021:
- April:
- August: