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Chris O'Connor Part 2
Episode 5015th March 2023 • Into The Deep with J. Costa • J. Costa & George Richter
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Here is the second part of J's talk with Psychic Medium and Co-Founder of Eastern Connecticut Paranormal Society, Chris O'Connor, who passed unexpectedly in January of 2023. Originally only available to our Inner Sanctum supporters on Patreon, we wanted to honor Chris' memory and make it available to everyone. • In July of 2022, they talked about everything from Chris' scientific and professional approach to his paranormal investigative work with ECPS at spirited and haunted homes, to the use of logic and reason to debunk and uncover the truth, to demonology and spirituality, his recent growth with his psychic abilities to identify both spirit guides and spirit animals, and a ton more! • You can find out more about what Chris helped start, as well as how his colleagues are keeping his legacy alive at and on IG at • And be sure to find us: