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Breakdowns, Breakthroughs & Purposeful Re-Alignment in Life
Episode 518th August 2021 • Breaking Chains • Christine Jewell
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Breakdowns, breakthroughs, and purpose. What exactly do they mean? Is it possible to experience breakthroughs without having to burn things down? Why do we constantly ignore the warning signs? Tune in to another inspiring episode to unpack these questions and understand how we can break free from a destructive cycle that we have allowed ourselves to live. 

 Dear Warrior, start paying attention to the signs, tune in to the natural flow of life one step at a time, and move forward with purpose, on purpose.

“Let’s choose to operate from a place of expansion and consistent growth without needing to have breakdown moments all of the time.”

- Christine Jewell


3:01 Why do we have to go through breakdowns

4:33 There are three types of people -- which one are you

6:15 Discover how alignment and flow impacts your body intensely

8:50 What are the physical and emotional signs of misalignment 

13:43 Be curious and explore, expand and grow!

14:32 How does it feel to have a breakthrough

15:35 Your heart takes on much of the pressure -- don't wait for it to explode!

18:43 Why wait for a breakdown to happen before we pay attention to the signs

25:10 How do we move forward from this destructive pattern 

And so much more! 

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