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Stephanie McPeak Petersen
Episode 3914th September 2022 • Into The Deep with J. Costa • J. Costa & George Richter
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J talks with author, and Baconian researcher, Stephanie McPeak Petersen who has been unraveling hidden history through encoded knowledge left to us by Sir Francis Bacon and other Renaissance figures. In her newest book, "The Next Octave: a sustainable economy encoded in music", with a forward by William Henry, Stephanie uncovers a consilience between music and money and their immutable connection. • They talk about everything from governing philosophies tempering both music and money creating two systems of fiat notes, to a controversy that pivots upon Plato and Bacon where Plato lured us in with encoded musical ratios built into the political structures of his city-states; and the questions of whether Bacon can lead us out with a ciphered trail of breadcrumbs and if tuning music and money with just intervals could hold the key to creating a more harmonious and economically sustainable world?  • You can find Stephanie's book at • and her YouTube channel at • and follow her on IG at• And be sure to find us: