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Moments with Moni - Monika Hardy EPISODE 126, 31st August 2021
The Grand Finale
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The Grand Finale

The Grand Finale

No, I'm not ending the Podcast, however Season 4 is coming to an end with the excitement of Season 5 to come.

We've walked through the Covenants this past summer and are now moving on from the deep dive into the Theological DNA strands that were weaved throughout the entire Bible to a practical help section this Season for the Home and Heart.

In this episode I'm sharing about:

  • Our cross country move from the North to the South
  • My Covid experience
  • Current Events
  • #Everybitcountschallenge
  • A Lemon Curd Recipe

Chapter 1:11-12 of Ephesians to challenge and encourage you to know that your Identity is in Jesus. As His Bride, you are blessed beyond measure, freely chosen, adopted into the family of God, accepted in the Beloved, redeemed and forgiven!

So stand strong in the power of His might. Reflect His beauty and light in a dark world that needs Jesus.

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