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0) Know Your Mystery Illness: How to Uncover the Root Cause with Erika Marcoux, MA
12th December 2022 • Your Truth Revealed: Healing Fatigue and Lyme • Erika Marcoux
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As fate would have it what began as debilitating symptoms led to Erika's surprising diagnosis. And this struggle evolved into a radical transformation that affects every aspect of her wellbeing. In season four, she's eager to share her story knowing you, too, will benefit from her health discoveries.


Had I known that moving into our forever home would finally weakened my body of almost all vitality, I probably would have stayed put. Hugged at the Southeast corner by a slender creek, we named our property and abode Villa Girasole. With such a cheerful name, the sunflower house, we foresaw saw transforming the forgotten property and aged home into a peaceful haven.

However, this place had its own plan. Ready to reveal a nasty truth about what had been hiding in my body for decades. Villa Girasole has ravaged my health then showed me a path to reclaim it.

What began as general malaise progresses into a lasting headache so debilitating, I can no longer form cohesive thoughts. My brain feels swollen, pushing outward on my skull as the bones refuse to budge. My neck and jaw feel like fused joints, attempting to move in stiff discord. I’m no longer able to read for my eyes blur the words and my lack of balance cause several unexpected falls. Insomnia is rearing its ugly head of which I battled years prior. For months, I see medical specialists saying that according to their tests, I’m healthy.

MRIs of my brain and neck are clear and unable to show any reason for my misery. A neurologist throws migraine pills and injections at my relentless headache with no effectiveness. And a rheumatologist decides that of the six auto-immune diseases she screens, I have none.

Furthermore, what begins as a routine allergy shot reveals a distinct clue as to what is secretly plaguing my body. Minutes after I receive a shot, the office begins to swirl, my throat closes, my body panics and shuts down. I’m straining to hear the allergy doctors say to the nurse, “This is the first time I’ve given an epinephrin injection.”

I must be going into anaphylactic shock. As he prepares the syringe, I imagine the scene in Pulp Fiction the movie when actress Uma Thurman passes out from a drug overdose and actor John Travolta stabs her in the heart with a huge needle filled with adrenaline.

Similarly, as the needle pierces my thigh, I lunge upright with a huge gasp of air just as I suspected. After an hour of being monitored, I call my dad to arrive and drive me home. The three of us are confused about why I went into anaphylactic shock, another piece of the mystery unsolved.

Several days later, I had my blood drawn for a comprehensive panel. The results show that my body’s beginning to attack its own tissue which can lead to an auto-immune disease. I feel terrified and confused, not knowing what to do next.

I am immensely grateful when my neighbor living on the other side of the creek from our home suggests I see Tenisha Wards who is a functional medicine doctor. She orders a handful of functional medicine labs for me to complete. And they indicate there are several pathogens in my intestines, and that my liver, heart, and neurological system are stressed.

I also had the presence of toxic mold in my body that appears to be coming from our forever home. What’s more is the final and most dreadful diagnosis that I will reveal in further episodes.

The solution is treating the root cause of my mystery illness with natural remedies, including a lot of rest outside on my property. I use the most unusual methods as medical interventions have no effect. All these methods are completely new to me, although most have been employed for thousands of years.

I endure ancient remedies to an ancient illness that has become a modern and worldwide epidemic. These methods include colon hydrotherapy and cupping massage employed by the ancient Egyptians. Detox procedures and parasite cleanses. And a complete overhaul but my dietary habits.

I share my journey because now more than ever we all need to take heed if we are going to thrive and be a healthy civilization.


I’m excited to take you on my journey of healing and discovery to help you live your best life. Here’s to beginning season four. I’m Erika Marcoux. And as always, thank you for listening.