“Growing” a Company
Episode 811th November 2022 • Blackletter • Thomas Dunlap
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When rules and regulations limit your ability to support your company, how do you move forward and enable your business to flourish?

This week on the Blackletter podcast, host Tom Dunlap is joined once more by Kevin Goldberg from Green Leaf Medical and Barney Goodman, his attorney from Dunlap Bennett Ludwig, for the second episode in their three-part series. Kevin and Barney have faced several challenges in growing Kevin’s business in the medical cannabis industry. Unfortunately, many of these obstacles involved the rules and regulations surrounding cannabis businesses. But through creative entrepreneurial ideas and innovative business moves that played by the rules, Kevin and Barney managed to secure enough capital to make their business goals come to fruition.

Tune in to this episode of the Black Letter Podcast to hear how Kevin and Barney made calculated moves to grow their business in the cannabis industry. Also, don’t forget to join us next week, as Kevin and Barney will provide their advice for entrepreneurs starting in the medical cannabis business.