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John Inge Hervik (enterprise coach)
Episode 262nd April 2024 • The Coach's Backpack • David Lowe
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This week, John Inge Hervik, an enterprise coach, tells us:

  • Why he wouldn’t TAke his parent
  • What he uses to spot patterns
  • The item that captures ideas
  • Why he wants to leave time out of his backpack
  • Why he wouldn't take his "parent" with him
  • ... and much more.

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More about John Inge

John Inge is an engaging solid systemic coach. He uses his knowledge and reflective practices to support organisations, teams and leaders to develop their game towards high performance. He has an array of approaches to pull from. His organisational systemic experience and training supports leaders, teams and organisations navigate the complex times we live in successfully. His whole hearted and genuine presence for the client creates an environment where enthusiasm and deep insights can emerge.