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Imposter Syndrome: The Silent Threat to Team Performance [Episode 037]
Episode 3717th May 2023 • Ditching Imposter Syndrome • Clare Josa
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There's a lot of talk about Imposter Syndrome these days, but did you know it doesn't just impact individuals, it can harm teams too?

In fact, when someone gets promoted to the level where their old coping strategies ​for Imposter Syndrome stop working, it can turn their team toxic in just a few weeks, and no one realises what's happening until performance drops or people start to quit.

Want to know the 4 reasons why Imposter Syndrome is a silent threat to team performance, even if hardly anyone in your team is running it? (Psst! 62% are...)

This is for you if you're a line manager, HR professional, business leader, Mental Health First Aider, coach, therapist, or simply someone who cares and wants to be able to help others to thrive, showing up as all of who they really are, and have the impact their ideas and dreams deserve.

What you'll discover today:

  • What Imposter Syndrome is - and the difference between it and self-doubt
  • How it impacts individuals
  • The four silent threats to teams
  • How it affects team members even if they're not running Imposter Syndrome
  • 4 key archetypes to look for
  • The impact on performance reviews and feedback
  • How you can handle this, as a line manager, HR professional, Mental Health First-Aider, or coach / therapist - plus a free instant access masterclass to help you with this


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