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PANS/PANDAS Awareness with Advocate Gabriella True
Episode 4913th March 2023 • Live Your Life, Not Your Diagnosis • Andrea W. Hanson : Author & Master Coach
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Gabriella True has not only an inspiring story of overcoming challenges herself, her story also extends to working to bring awareness to a complex and often missed diagnosis of PANS and PANDAS - a neuroimmune disorder affecting children and adults.

In fact, after our interview she was getting ready to go to her state’s capital to promote legislation to her local congress. You can hear the passion in her voice -and her expertise as she shares about her own diagnosis of PANS - and ultimately the diagnosis that her two children live with it as well. And why she’s so determined to help others find timely treatment for this often missed disease so that they don’t have a lifetime of very difficult symptoms. 

I learned a lot while talking with Gabriella and can’t wait for you to hear her tips and tools that help make her life a little easier so that she can have the energy and drive to do what she loves. 

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