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Cultivating the Conditions for Inquiry with Jess Vance
Episode 552nd June 2022 • The Art Engager • Claire Bown
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Today I’m delighted to be talking to educator, facilitator and newly published author Jess Vance about her work. We’re talking about how questions are her superpower and how we can cultivate the conditions for inquiry to thrive.

Jess and I met on Instagram a while back when we were discussing the importance of the question ‘what makes you say that’. Since then we’ve chatted regularly and I’ve watched her journey to becoming a published author with interest. 

I was honoured to be involved with reading some of the early chapters and thrilled to be asked to write a recommendation for the book too. I couldn’t wait to invite Jess to be on the podcast as I think we can all learn so much from her practice. It just so happens to coincide with the publication of her book too. 

Jess Vance is an enrichment and environment coordinator with a thorough teaching and leadership background - she’s a former IB PYP Educator & PYP Coordinator. 

After about a decade in the classroom, Jess moved into leadership roles. And she’s taken the things she learned inside of the classroom - such as her approach to questioning and listening as an inquiry educator into her role as a leader. 

In her newly released book, 'Leading with a Lens of Inquiry', she outlines the ways in which we need to support and facilitate teachers in the same ways in which we want them to engage with their students.

Her book is for teachers, leaders, coaches, coordinators, and anyone basically who is invested in cultivating the conditions for authentic and meaningful inquiry to thrive.

In today’s chat we talk about the values that drive Jess’s work and the connections we can find between her work and ours. What can we learn from her practice? We discussed how questions are her superpower, the role curiosity, listening and reflection play in her work and how mindfulness is the thread brings everything together. 

We had so much to talk about. So, here it is - enjoy!


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