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Thriving on Purpose Podcast - Elisabeth and Sebastien Richard 12th November 2019
Interview with Leadership Coach and Speaker: J. Loren Norris

Interview with Leadership Coach and Speaker: J. Loren Norris

How your relationships, faith, mindset, and willingness to change will determine your influence


In this week’s episode, we interview Christian speaker, leadership coach, and author J. Loren Norris.


J Loren Norris’ passion is to equip, train and mentor the next generation of leaders. Loren hosts workshops for private groups, conducts life leadership seminars and mentors students. Whether entertaining and engaging crowds of 40,000 or sharing “life lessons” with elementary students, Loren approaches every crowd with an open mind and loving heart.


He has an uncanny gift for storytelling and can teach you how to effectively interweave your life story into any topic, subject or big idea. Through this process he teaches speakers, leaders and parents to transform their story and transform their lives.


Loren is also a Certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach. For years, he has coached Dale Carnegie Courses, has trained leaders, teachers and pastors for Gateway Church, The Kings University, and entrepreneurial leadership courses at Brookhaven College.


In This Episode You Will Learn:


♦ Where you came from doesn’t have to determine where you’re going.


♦ The five people you spend the most time with can and will change your life.


♦ The law of attraction works… especially for those who have faith!


♦ We have the mind of Christ and when we think the thoughts of Christ, amazing things happen!


♦ You don’t have to agree 100% with people to seek their wisdom on certain matters.


And, much, much more!


Memorable Quotes:


“We have to be able to entertain thoughts that we’ve never had before in order to change our reality.”

- S. Richard



“The Enemy wants the Church to be broke because when the Church has money the Church has power.”

- J. Loren Norris



“The reason some people are broke is because they’re blaming everybody else for their lack of success.”

- J. Loren Norris



“Action trumps everything! If you don’t like where you’re at, do something about it.”

- J. Loren Norris



“Understand that the authority to change your life is married to the responsibility you take of your life.”

- J. Loren Norris



“There is no tree that will ever grow a leaf unless the roots be buried in deep soil, and someone has to tend that soil. Someone has to be able to feed those nutrients into those roots.”

- J. Loren Norris



“Some will say: ‘If you’re rich and you call yourself a Christian you should be giving back to the poor. Now, hang on a minute! The first guy who was noted for saying that was Judas Iscariot.”

- J. Loren Norris



“If you’re not able, that’s one thing. But if you’re not willing, that’s not my fault. So, my success does not mean your failure”

- J. Loren Norris



“If we can get it through our minds that money is in the hands of ‘Jireh’ (God will provide); and money like mountains, like cancer, like the issue of blood, like the little girl who died while Jesus was on His way - they all answer to Him.”

- J. Loren Norris



“I love the T-shirt I saw the other day in a bookstore that said: ‘To leave the 99 in search of the one seems nuts… unless you’re the one.’'

- J. Loren Norris



“God blessed us to be a blessing.”

- J. Loren Norris



“There’s a reason why the devil doesn’t want Christians to be wealthy… because once they are wealthy, they kill poverty. Christians who are wealthy fight abortion. Christians who are wealthy adopt young children. Christians who are wealthy give to educate, to empower, and they fight the social agenda of the gates of hell.”

- J. Loren Norris



“If you think you understand quantum physics, you don’t understand quantum physics.”

- J. Loren Norris


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