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S5 Episode 12: Discovering Your Purpose in Business, with Dr. Kettelhut
Episode 1213th October 2021 • Money, Real Estate & More • Saeed Ghaffari
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We kick off this week's episode with the latest So Cal real estate market data. Saeed and Dion delve into the numbers, and share their thoughts on the state of the market and where it's headed.

Our second segment features Dr. Kettelhut, a business coach who specializes in uncovering his clients' sense of purpose. Saeed, Dr. Devaughn Dames and Dr. Kettelhut share their experiences with finding their own purposes in business and in life as a whole. They also discuss methods of uncovering your purpose and share their own methods for what worked in their lives.

M&M for Everyone is our last segment this week, and we feature an important post made on the platform. Saeed and Devaughn discuss the idea of gratitude, and how having it can make or break your state of mind when leading a business.