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Film Travel Tips and Gear Insurance
Episode 12224th January 2020 • The Documentary Life • The Documentary Life
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Are you thinking of traveling for your doc any time soon? Awesome. You know how much we love to travel for our doc filmmaking. And Chris has got some super useful tips for your doc filmmaking travel adventures!

And whether you're traveling abroad or just down the street for your next bit of filming, make sure you and your film gear are protected! Over the years, so many of you #doclifers have asked us about best ways to insure your yourself, your shoots, and your precious film gear. And Aylene and Kat of ATHOS Insurance Services are experts on the subject. This is the episode to listen to ensure (and insure!) that you and your film investments are properly protected!

Topics Discussed

  • hot tips for doc filmmaking travel
  • why the independent doc filmmaker even with limited funds should still seek insurance coverage for their gear
  • what the process of making a claim is
  • common mistakes made when seeking gear insurance
  • set, shoot, and gear insurance coverage
  • policies for doc filmmaking abroad


Additional Resources

Five Tips for Solo Filmmaking Travel

  • book smart flights, not cheap flights
  • fly with your camera
  • pack sustenance and vit C
  • pack change of clothing
  • taxi or rideshare

Essential Travel Doc Filmmaking Gear List


In today's episode, we mentioned our Essential Travel Doc Filmmaking Gear List blog post, which you can find HERE.

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