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The Gerry Anderson Podcast - Anderson Entertainment EPISODE 144, 15th March 2021
Pod 144: David Hirsch on Writing for Gerry Anderson
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Pod 144: David Hirsch on Writing for Gerry Anderson

When David Hirsch first started watching Gerry Anderson shows in black and white, little could he have known that he would one day work with the man himself! From his work editing Gerry Anderson's column in Starlog magazine, to working on the aborted Five Star Five, to editing the Super Space Theatre compilation films, David has been an active member of the fan community as well as a contributor to the ongoing Anderson story!

01:07 Gerry Anderson Podcast Gubbins

02:52 It's the rather exciting FAB Facts

08:53 Questions from the Podsterons!

15:24 The Gerry Anderson News! See links below

19:35 Enthusiasm from the Podsterons!

24:12 David Hirsch – Part One

58:40 Remarks from the Podsterons!

01:03:47 Archbishop Chris Dale and the Randomiser in a bright dwelling!

01:27:51 Wrapping things up

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Doppelganger/Journey to the Far Side of the Sun

The Metamorphosis of Space: 1999

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