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Honor Your Ambition with Lesle Griessel and Nicole Kalil
Episode 2717th June 2021 • Elite Achievement • Kristin Burke
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In this episode of Elite Achievement, Kristin welcomes two accomplished and ambitious women, Lesle Griessel and Nicole Kalil. Leslie Griessel is the owner of LongView Leadership and is on a mission to joyfully inspire and empower people to achieve results on purpose. She is one of Kansas City’s 40 under 40. Nicole Kalil is a speaker, host of the This is Woman’s Work podcast and confidence sherpa. Nicole’s work centers around removing the roadblocks, biases, and challenges that trailblazing professional women face, so they can thrive as their authentic selves.

There are questions every ambitious woman has to answer. And there are a lot of challenges ambitious women have to overcome. It starts with ourselves. That little voice, sometimes as quiet as a whisper in your heart of talking to yourself. What is ambition? How can I make a big difference? How can I have a breakthrough in life? How can I get paid for doing things that I love to do? How do we make this equitable in our relationship? How to silence the noise? Does anyone get me? How can I honor my ambition? Lesle and Nicole answer these questions by sharing some examples from their experience and giving some recommendations for people to lean in and honor their ambition.

Episode Highlights

03:55 – Ambition wraps up a lot of phrases that are some sort of excitement about the future, a desire for growth, a desire for learning.

21:19 – The importance of communication when it comes to figuring out how to honor your ambition with a partner or spouse.

35:37 – One of the biggest barriers women face when honoring their ambition is their own internal confidence and learning to trust themselves.

41:15 – Recommendations to honor your ambition: take baby steps, set small goals in alignment with those baby steps, take risks to pursue your desires outside of your comfort zone and surround yourself with ambitious people.

46:29 – Have courageous conversations first and foremost with yourself, get into action, find a tribe, invest in yourself.


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