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Last Segment of the Jeff Crank Show on KVOR
Bonus Episode9th October 2021 • The Jeff Crank Show • The Jeff Crank Show
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Click here to support the podcast I did my final broadcast on KVOR today because of Cumulus Media's forced employee vaccination policy - but the show will continue as a podcast. It's been a great honor to be on KVOR these many years and I am grateful to them for the trust they placed in me. It has been a great partnership ever since.  My voice will continue and so will the show.  It just won’t be found on Cumulus Media.  I hope you’ll continue to join me every Saturday morning at 7 am – or anytime you can- on the show.  It can be found on Apple or Google podcasts on your phone by searching my name in the podcast app.  Subscribe to the podcast, and we will continue as friends every week. Click here to support the podcast