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Podcast Pontifications - Evo Terra EPISODE 134, 13th March 2019
Focus On Your Audience [Episode 134]

Focus On Your Audience [Episode 134]

Podcasting is the most intimate medium we've come up with to date. Yet far too many podcasters treat their show like it's being listened to by hundreds (or thousands, or tens) of people enjoying a movie together.

Not true. We have solid evidence that shows most podcast listening is singular, with headphones plugged into a mobile phone.

That means a single person. You should be talking to a single person with each and every episode.

In this short episode, I talk to you about why that's such a challenge and ways to work through it. And as a bonus, I encourage you to go even further, giving your perfect listener (avatar, though I hate that word) a name. It'll change the way you do your show. For the better.