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How to Create the Value that You Want to be Paid For Through Short Term Rental w/ Avery Carl
21st May 2020 • The Wealth Without Wall Street Podcast • By Russ Morgan & Joey Muré
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#138: Is there a difference between short-term or vacation rental investing and traditional real estate investing? What are the advantages of short-term rentals and how can you get started?

On this week’s episode, Joey and Russ talk with Avery Carl, CEO and Founder of The Short Term Shop, about the short-term rental (or STR) investing market. Avery shares that her motivation to begin researching and utilizing STR came from her realization that she was dependent on others to tell her when/ if she would get a raise at her job. She also tells our listeners how they can get started in STR and the advantages it has over traditional real estate investing or land flipping.

Avery then discusses the state of STR markets during the coronavirus pandemic and how people can still actively generate income through them. She explains the various platforms that she and others utilize for managing these properties, including apps like AirBNB, how they have streamlined her management of properties, and how they have changed during COVID-19. 

This episode offers incredible insights not only into creating and managing a STR business, but also how to understand the markets you are in and ways you can mitigate risk in investing.