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Episode 114 - Avoiding Common Scams in Tech Development for Startups with Igor Belagorudsky
Episode 1143rd June 2024 • Unpolished MBA • Unpolished MBA
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In this special BONUS episode of the Unpolished MBA podcast, we welcome Igor Belagorudsky, founder and CTO of Fast CTO, who shares his insights on the pitfalls and scams tech startups face when working with development shops. He highlights common scam tactics, and provides actionable advice for founders looking to hire developers or CTOs. This episode serves as a valuable resource for tech startup founders, especially those new to the industry.

00:57 Challenges Faced by Startups and Development Shops

04:35 The Mission of Fast CTO

07:07 Common Scams in Development Shops

16:20 Types of Engagements with Development Shops

23:44 Finding the Right CTO for Your Startup

28:58 Mentorship and Community Involvement

37:43 Conclusion and Contact Information

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