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Meet the Ever-Accomplished Author and Founder M.M. DeVoe!
Episode 1016th March 2021 • Once and Future Authors • Stephanie Larkin
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M.M. DeVoe joins us on this wonderful and enlightening episode of "Once and Future Authors" to tell our viewers of her professional journey and how she got to where she is today! We go over a whole range of topics while addressing her newest book "Book and Baby..." as well as her non-profit organization for parent authors known as "Pen Parentis."

M.M. DeVoe is a multifaceted and tenacious author who has worked on many unique projects her whole life. From class president to musical director, to winning a national poetry contest, to staring in a John Waters movie and even more productions as a working actress, to protesting for Lithuania in Washington D.C., to founding a non-profit for parent authors, and eventually writing her own books, M.M. DeVoe has truly created an always interesting and always successful life for herself!

On this episode, we discuss her newest book, "Book and Baby, The Complete Guide to Managing Chaos and Becoming A Wildly Successful Writer-Parent." This book, like her non-profit "Pen Parentis," delves into the stressful life of a parent who wants to find time to write and offers tried and true solutions to do just that! "Pen Parentis" is a non-profit literary organization that aims to help authors with families and support them through a creative community.

Check out more on M.M. DeVoe and Pen Parentis at their websites!