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HILF #32 Mariana Pickering
Episode 3225th June 2023 • How It Looks From Here • Full Ecology, LLC
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In this episode, Mary spends some time with Mariana Pickering, co-founder of Emu Passive, a consultation group that offers training and consultation on the design and construction of high quality, supremely efficient buildings.

Mariana describes herself as a recovering architect who, because of her devotion to the wellbeing of the natural world, has found her way deep into building science. There she discovered a powerfully energy friendly building standard - The International Passive House standard. Now, she and her business partner travel the country to train construction professionals in this remarkable system.

Listen in as Mariana describes her work and the collaboration she and her colleagues continue to establish with building construction professionals across the globe. Learn with Mary about the powerful actions being taking by builders to address and alleviate the climate breakdown.

You can find out more about Mariana and Emu Passive at the organization’s website, You can also follow these links to essays by Mariana and the rest of the Emu crew.

By Mariana: 

More writing available on the Emu website: 

Mariana also has  a playlist on YouTube titled "Monday BS with EmuMariana" (BS= Building Science). There, she talks about high-level passive building concepts in more simple terms.

In a company named for that amazing big bird, Mariana and her colleagues at Emu Passive "run wild and build passive." They inspire as they lean fully into maximizing the opportunity to support building construction practices that retain ecological wellbeing.




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