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GigCX: A game changer for the CX industry, with Iain Regan
Episode 1013th December 2022 • GigCX Decoded • Limitless
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In this episode, we speak with Iain Regan, Chief Customer Officer at Limitless.

With over 20 years in leadership roles in global technology, BPO and consulting organizations, Iain has led international teams and inspired people to deliver results. Iain is a highly driven senior executive and revenue leader with extensive experience in the SaaS, technology and outsourcing industries.

In this interview, Iain shares some of the challenges facing the Customer Experience (CX) industry and leaders, including employee burnout, attrition, and mental health, as well as dealing with increasing complexity with technology and other factors.

He gives insights into why GigCX has risen in popularity, and highlighted how Covid enabled a different way of working and shifted people's work preferences, leading to the rapid advance of GigCX.

He highlights the benefits of GigCX to individuals and brands, and states that GigCX is a game changer - a model that can fundamentally shift how CX is delivered in a modern age.




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