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The Football History Dude - Sports History Network EPISODE 90, 13th November 2019
Rochester Jeffersons | John Steffenhagen Interview (Part 2)

Rochester Jeffersons | John Steffenhagen Interview (Part 2)

Rochester Jeffersons - John Steffenhagen Interview (Part 2)


This episode we pick up the 2nd half of an interview with John Steffenhagen. He is Leo Lyons great-grandson, and he rides shotgun with us today in the DeLorean to take us back to the early days of the NFL, teaching us about the history of the Rochester Jeffersons. If you have not listened to Part 1 of the John Steffenhagen interview, I suggest you start there first.

Here you can find the dedicated John Steffenhagen page.

John has spent many years learning about the history of the Rochester Jeffersons and his great-grandfather, Leo Lyons. The thing that sparked his interest was seeing legends of the NFL in his great-grandfather\'s kitchen. We\'re talking Art Rooney, Vince Lombardi, and other NFL giants. He didn\'t understand the gravity of the situation back then, but then as he grew older, he realized it was a major deal. John has spent a large portion of his life ever since uncovering gridiron knowledge nuggets about one of the first teams in NFL history, the Rochester Jeffersons.

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