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The Friday Ritual
Episode 624th September 2020 • Elite Achievement • Kristin Burke
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On this episode Kristin talks about her Friday Ritual and how it can affect your mindset so you could build a stronger and more stable business. Friday Ritual is a business improvement practice executed at the end of each week. In it, you’re celebrating your weekly wins, you identify the lessons you’ve learned for that week, as well as identifying priorities for the next week. Kristin shares her experiences with Friday Ritual and how it affected her business.

Episode Highlights

01:55 - Three parts of the Friday Ritual: 1) Weekly wins; 2) Lessons learned ; 3) Intentional priorities for the next week

03:00 - Weekly wins is celebrating the things you’re doing right so you could feel grateful for the things you have

04:00 - Identifying the lessons you’ve learned makes you shift the trajectory of your business by implementing the things you’re doing right and not repeating the mistakes

05:20 - Identifying priorities for next week is creating a plan of execution for the next week. It improves the mindset and sets up the goals for the next week

10:00 - Be consistent with Friday Ritual and the results will follow

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