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Newbie: The Veteran Burner Decompressing From This Year’s Party on the Playa
Episode 19027th September 2022 • Not Real Art • Crewest Studio
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As many of you know, your faithful host of the NOT REAL ART podcast, Scott “Sourdough,” Power, has just returned from the Nevada desert, where he and tens of thousands of others experienced all the weird, wild, and wonderful happenings that made Burning Man 2022. 

After an event of this scale and magnitude, it’s important to decompress. There are all sorts of decompression parties and events to help Burners relive the magic of the Burn as they readjust to the “default world.” On today’s episode, Scott speaks to a few of these intrepid explorers as they go through the decompression process. You’ll hear from Newbie, a fellow podcast pro and Burner from the HeeBeeGeeBee Healers camp, who recounts her experience at this year’s Burning Man.

Every Burner, regardless of their level of experience, encounters a whole host of peculiar emotions in the days and weeks it takes to reintegrate into the “real world.” You’re not alone! Join us as we relive the strange synchronicities, serendipitous interactions, and magical moments that make Burning Man what it is.

In Today’s Episode:

Newbie and Scott discuss…

  • How many Burns Newbie has attended, and how her fifth compares to her first
  • The HeeBeeGeeBees Healers camp, how Newbie found them, and their gifts to the Playa
  • How the HeeBeeGeeBees camp shaped and influenced Newbie’s experience
  • Why many first-time Burners are caught off-guard by the freedom Burning Man affords them
  • How a specific art installation helped Newbie find closure after her father’s death
  • Why many first-time Burners are caught off-guard by the freedom Burning Man affords them
  • Why Newbie believes a lot of people struggled to “drop in” at this year’s Burn
  • Why it can sometimes be difficult to shake off the default world at the Burn
  • The strange story of how Scott “met himself” in a dust storm
  • Finding the sacred in the mundane as we readjust to the default world

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