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The One About Living a Life That Matters
Episode 1524th December 2020 • Adulting with Ebonie • Ebonie Allard
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In this episode you will hear all about what it takes to be a SERIAL ENTREPRENEUR. Despite overcoming many personal challenges including nearly dying from a gunshot wound as a child, Jason has achieved so much in his life.

In his charming and captivating manner, Jason details his life journey as he tells of the ordeals and struggles as a child, and the life lessons he learnt from his role models, that have all led him to be the successful and happy person that he is today.

Listen on for:

  • Feminine energy and how it can benefit us as adults.
  • Living a life that matters
  • Who our role models are and the valuable lessons they taught us.
  • Understanding the way that we see the world, and where we allow our vision to take us.
  • Turning bad experiences into your fuel to succeed.
  • Making friends with fear so that you are no longer being afraid of it. 
  • Changing your mindset to allow yourself to achieve all that you are capable of. 
  • Being kinder to yourself.

About Jason

Jason Allan Scott is a successful Serial Entrepreneur, Professional Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author, Award-winning Event professional, Mentor, Podcaster and a part of Tim Ferris's NR set who travels the world educating and empowering people. Jason shows ordinary people how they too can build a solid living, with passion and purpose, on their own terms.

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