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Building Your Sales Process with Natasha Hemmingway
Episode 4618th January 2023 • Welcome To Eloma • Kiley Peters
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“The three pillars to sales success are communication, energy, and then the sales process,” explains Natasha Hemmingway, sales coach, consultant, speaker, and creator of Heart Not Hustle®. Today, Natasha joins host Kiley Peters to talk about what entrepreneurs need to know about building a sales process. 

Natasha shares that the best way to truly build a sales process is to work with somebody. However, there are some basics that all entrepreneurs should know. The most important thing to remember is that it is not about you, it is about who you are serving. Don’t immediately jump into a sales pitch, instead take a moment to focus on the person in front of you and figure out what they need and how you can help them. Sales success is just as much about your sales process as it is about your energy and communication.

Every entrepreneur would benefit from a well-crafted sales process. If you did not study sales, it is best to hire someone who specializes in creating sales processes. However, if you are not yet at the point where you can invest, there are sales tips that can help you create a basic sales process beginning with a strategy call.


  • “Ladies, if you're listening, make sure that when you are making leaps, or you're doing things and you’re evolving, that you are only sharing your vulnerability and intimate things with people who are for you, and people who will step in and have faith for you when you don't have it for yourself. I call it seeking wise counsel.” (8:44-9:01 | Natasha)
  • “It's not about you, it's about who you're serving.” (18:20-18:22 | Natasha) 
  • “The three pillars to sales success are communication, energy, and then the sales process, which sales process drops into strategy, and then communication and energy are part of the mindset bucket. You don't do anything absent from your mindset, nothing. And so communication and energy are very much wrapped up in that.” (22:48-23:06 | Natasha)
  • “As far as building a sales process, a true sales process, and really doing the work, go work with somebody, because it's not your lane.” (27:14-27:21 | Natasha)


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