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141. How to Prepare for the First Staff Meeting
Episode 14131st July 2023 • Schools Of Excellence Podcast • Chanie Wilschanski
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The first staff meeting of the year—we've all been there.

You go into the meeting filled with the ripe excitement of possibility, ready to share your ideas, goals, and expectations. You have all the energy of a student showing off sparkly new notebooks on the first day of school.

Then the meeting happens and… you end up word vomiting over your entire staff.

Sound familiar?

Without a doubt, the deluge of information comes from the very best of intentions. You're optimistic about the school year and want to set your staff up for success by telling them everything they need to know.

But in trying to enmesh every detail into a single meeting without structure—without purpose—you end up spewing information in all directions instead of uniting everyone under a common goal.

In this week's podcast episode, I'm walking you through how to prepare for your first staff meeting so you can start this school year off on the right foot.

Join me for a conversation about:

  • The importance of creating structure for your staff meeting
  • The three segments of a successful meeting
  • What to discuss (and not to discuss!)
  • Questions to ask your staff to promote teamwork and school values

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More about the show:

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