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Leaders as Self-Evaluation Facilitators
Episode 1228th July 2022 • Life = Choices; Choices = Life • Kim Olver
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In this episode, I interview Dr. Patricia Robey about her role as an educational leader and supervisor of counselors in the field. Dr. Robey has been working in various capacities at Governors State University and a role she loves is supervising counselors. One of the tools she expertly utilizes is self-evaluation with co-verification. This is a skill few leaders possess. Most know how to provide their feedback about their subordinent's work, but few understand how to question that person to lead them to their own discoveries about their work. Listen to learn how to discriminate about the role you are playing as a leader. Is it most appropriate to be a teacher, counselor, consultant or coach? It depends. Dr. Robey will help you understand the determinants. For more on Choice Theory and Reality Therapy in the US, go to If you live in another country, go to to find a member organization near you. Explore the International Journal of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy. Dr. Robey's book, Contemporary Issues in Couples Counseling, can be purchased here and if you are interested in contacting Dr. Robey for coaching, counseling supervision or more information, you can reach her at