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How the Quality of our Questions Determine the Quality of our Life with Zach Dobosh | Follow the Wolf Podcast #6
Episode 62nd June 2021 • Follow The Wolf Podcast • Wolf Castillo
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Zach is the Associate Editor at Aphantasia Network and a builder, with a passion and drive for building community and connecting with like minds.

Aphantasia Network is on a mission to help shape a new global conversation on the power of blind imagination.

Zach is currently exploring techniques for strengthening community engagement and outreach strategies to connect the global aphantasia community in a more meaningful way.

If you’ve ever seen those people who can uncontrollably laugh together for no other reason than because of life, Zach Dobosh and myself are those people. Whether we are diving deep into the unexplored caverns of knowledge or being completely goofy during ecstatic dance, I can always count on our interactions to be nothing short of memorable and this podcast was no different. In this conversation we covered topics such as the dichotomy of all things, developing self-awareness to discover our personal truths, and how the quality of questions deeply correlates with the quality of our life. Check this conversation out for some great knowledge bombs and plenty of laughs.

Much love and peace be with you.




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