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Start Marketing - Katlynn Pyatt EPISODE 3, 2nd April 2020
How-to: build personas
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How-to: build personas

How-to: Identify your ideal customer and build a marketing persona

Your ideal customer, also known in the marketing world as your target audience, are the people who find the most value in your product or service. They buy from you the most frequently and more rapidly than someone outside of your target audience. Having an ideal customer in mind is critical to being efficient in your marketing efforts. But how do you even know who your ideal customer is? And when you do, what do you do with that information?

Use your ideal customer to create a persona. Personas are simply fictional characters that represent the 2-3 broad groups of ideal customers. Our goal with personas is to help you understand your ideal customers’ needs, experiences, behaviors and goals.

As a business owner, if you have a niche ideal customer in mind, it also makes your job a hundred times easier because you don’t have to recreate your marketing and business materials for several different audiences. You can spend your time creating high quality sales and marketing materials specifically for your those 2 or 3 ideal customers.

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