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What is the cost of NOT going after your goals?
Episode 4792nd March 2023 • CRAFTED Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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This may be a bit of a rant, but for the person who embraces choosing the perspective they have through challenges, and listens to the things God is calling them to…this will be life changing!

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Show Notes:

You’ve got to stop playing small, allowing fear to hold you back! This episode is a bit of a rant, but I know it was inspired to share with you! We ALL come across challenges, especially when we are in pursuit of something great! I’m here to share some recent experiences that have reminded me to check my perspective and focus on the bigger calling God has for me. When your mission and purpose are so big you realize the cost of not going after it is incredibly massive. You are here for a reason, God is calling you to step into your greatness, and in this episode I’m sharing some ways you can do that! Shoot me a DM on instagram if this episode hits home! (Also, shoot me a DM if you love chips and salsa!) You are meant for big things.

01:00 The lesson from being let down by an agency I hired.

03:40 How to attract the people you want in your business.

05:30 What is the cost of NOT listening to God’s nudges?

08:00 The difference between two people with similar skill and the one who creates success. 

11:50 What if I’m afraid to show up on social media?

17:40 How to glean wisdom from the version of yourself that has the BIG life.

21:15 What is the next best step you can take in your life and business?




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