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#063 Ben Morris
Episode 634th April 2023 • Not A Diving Podcast with Scuba • Scuba
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We've talked about distribution in underground music quite a lot on past episodes. Distributors have historically played a significant role in building labels and artists, but many of the prior guests on the show have a horror story about a distro going bust and taking their money with it.

Kudos Records is an example of a modern distributor serving the underground the right way, and Ben Morris is a key member of staff there. That makes him a great person with whom to discuss the vinyl market over recent years, and the slow march of streaming.

We dig deep into supply and demand shocks affecting wait times for vinyl projects, the significance (or not) of major label orders, and the importance of streaming revenue for even the smallest labels.

And we also discuss the twitter account @b_nmrrs and it's uncanny knack for a pithy turn of phrase.

This was a great conversation which gained insights which haven't been covered on the show before, and you're going to enjoy it.

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