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Serious about social impact - How small changes open to the door to bigger impacts - Chris Baker, CEO Serious Tissues
Episode 7725th March 2024 • The Marketing Society podcast • The Marketing Society podcast
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“If you can change how people spend their money, you can change the world.”

Social Impact, sustainable business, creative ideas and changing behaviours, these are just some of the areas that we explored with Chris Baker, strategist turned entrepreneur and CEO of Serious Tissues.

With behavioural science sitting behind so many successful business models Chris talks to us about his experience across a number of social impact businesses and initiatives that he is involved with, and how a simple switch can make such a positive impact.

You’ll hear us discuss the growing momentum behind sustainable toilet rolls and tissues both within B2B and B2C, bamboo vs. recycled paper and the challenges and opportunities that he is currently seeing. We discuss Chris’s upcoming book exploring social impact and how it’s becoming more fundamental than ever for organisations, the rise of impact investing and how doing good is becoming a competitive advantage. Chris talks about the journey writing his book took him on as he spoke to multiple change brands working towards securing a more sustainable future. Chris shares so many examples, this episode will leave your minds brimming with ideas and inspiration.

Join us as we talk to Chris about:

  • Social marketing and behavioural science and why they’re at the forefront of driving commercial and social good.
  • The challenges of changing behaviours and the approaches you can take.
  • How little changes add up and can open the door to bigger lifestyle changes.
  • When it comes to change, the need to look at what you are doing through the lens of opportunity – and framing them as such, as opposed to a threat.
  • The intriguing concept of disrupting from within.
  • The need to put the right metrics behind innovation to avoid setting it up to fail from the get go.
  • The rise of impact investing and how it can scale the good.

For more information about Serious Tissues

And to tune in to hear Chris talking about the latest Which report about ‘loo roll’, provenance and greenwashing tune in here. (You can connect with him on LinkedIn there too!).