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The North Face Dilemma – What is your supply chain made of?
30th June 2021 • Supply Chain Now • Supply Chain Now
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In some cases, truth is stranger than fiction; just look at any set of major news headlines. Sometimes a true story comes along that is not only strange, it is also instructional – if we give it the opportunity. We just need the proper context and full awareness of all sides of the issue.

Case in point: the friction between North Face, the outdoor goods retailer and manufacturer, and the oil and gas industry, who – much to North Face’s chagrin - provide the substances and materials that make up a significant portion of the products they sell. North Face is concerned with protecting their brand from the potential damage of publicly associating with oil and gas, which leaves them in a tough spot with regard to their supply chain.

In this episode of Supply Chain Now, Scott Luton and Kelly Barner, Host of Dial P for Procurement, take on this true story and do their best to provide fair representation of all perspectives:

• Who are the major players, what choices set this story in motion, and where are we now?

• The investments required to build and ensure a green or sustainable supply chain and the risks associated with a company’s ‘practice’ falling out of line with their ‘preach’

• How critical it is for all functions in an enterprise to have a voice when a potentially high publicity choice is about to be made

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