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How Top Firms Solve Succession & Rapidly Develop Skills
Episode 15122nd April 2021 • Accounting Influencers Podcast • Rob Brown (Accounting Influencers Roundtable - AIR)
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Sam Allred is a qualified CPA and founder of Upstream Academy. He has been regularly recognized as one of the major influencers in the accounting profession and has been listed as one of Accounting Today’s Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting and as one of IPA’s Most Recommended Consultants. He is one of the most sought-after speakers in the accounting profession and is viewed as one of their top strategic thinkers. Shownotes:

  • Why the accounting profession is actually in a strong position in these uncertain times
  • The biggest challenge most accounting firms think will be their biggest challenge in growth
  • The most critical mistake professional firms make with their recruitment strategy, which is why talent holds them back in growing
  • The key differentiators between most accounting firms and the high performing ones
  • The three crucial areas in which high performing accounting firms excel that the rest fall down on
  • The importance of being intentional in teaching and training your people in soft skills if you lead in an accounting firm
  • The fallacy of hoping that strong technical skills alone will further an accountant's career progression or solve an accounting firm's succession problem
  • Why so many accountants 'flatline' after 8-9 years of career progression, often after reaching partner level
  • Where the responsibility lies to develop the talent in accounting firms, and how this ties to culture and leadership
  • How a lack of growth and personal development in accounting firm partners and leaders has such a negative impact on the rest of the practice
  • Debunking the notion that accountants have to 'serve their time' to reach partner or effectively contribute to their accountancy firm
  • How accounting firms can invest 12 years of career development into a new hire accountant with raw talent to make them 'partner-ready' in 5 years
  • Why time is the slowest developer of accounting professionals and partner talent in accountancy practices
  • Ways for firm-wide leaders to stretch and challenge their accounting professionals to develop their skills and experience more quickly
  • Creating the right mix for accelerated skill development with accounting firm top talent
  • What the older people in accounting firms need to do if they want to stay current, relevant and inspirational to others.

Sam and his wife, Marlene, live outside of Park City, Utah. His hobbies include spending time with his family, fly fishing and golf. Sam and Marlene have seven children. Contact him here:




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