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Cam Banks from Fandom Tabletop
Episode 1027th May 2021 • How Not to Dungeon Master • T4C Studios
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Cam Banks is an incredibly accomplished game designer who spends his time creating games out of the movies, TV shows, and books he loves. He's authored over 20 different games and supplements for properties such as Marvel, The Masters of the Universe, Dragonlance, Smallville, Serenity, and more.

Most recently he's been working as a Creative Director at Fandom Tabletop, and published the latest, greatest version of his Cortex RPG, Cortex Prime in 2020. This year he's using Cortex Prime to create the Tales of Xadia RPG, based on the Netflix show The Dragon Prince

Cam can be found on Twitter talking about his latest projects, TV and movies, and more. For pictures of food he's made take a look at his Instagram. To learn more about Cortex Prime and to purchase a copy of the game for yourself, visit the Cortex RPG website. And finally, for a mostly comprehensive look at Cam's work, check out his Wikipedia page!

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