Advancing Restaurant Workers through Apprenticeship
Episode 1810th November 2020 • Order Up • National Restaurant Association
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“An apprenticeship program is more cost effective than a college degree. Not that I have anything against a college degree, I don't, but there has to be an alternative pathway to access the middle class besides college.” – John Shortt, Director of Program Development at NRAEF

Europe has a long tradition of apprenticeship programs dating back to the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci. Countries in Europe that invest heavily in apprenticeships have much lower rates of youth unemployment. Why then are apprenticeship programs not as common in the United States?

This week on Order Up, we’re speaking with John Shortt of the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. John discussed why these programs are so important and talked about some new apprenticeship opportunities in the restaurant industry.

Listen to learn how apprenticeship programs can help you advance in your career or help you hire qualified apprentices for your restaurant.

  • (01:09) - John Shortt, Director of Program Development at NRAEF
  • (02:21) - European workforce development
  • (04:49) - Another pathway to management
  • (06:52) - Hospitality Sector Registered Apprenticeship
  • (08:58) - Promoting apprenticeship in the industry
  • (11:14) - Evolving through COVID-19
  • (12:50) - National Apprenticeship Week
  • (13:52) - Engaging with the veteran community
  • (14:47) - Opportunities for young adults

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