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Connect with you, What is vital for your life? and You cannot get You wrong with Kass Thomas
Episode 3519th July 2022 • Women In Confidence • Vanessa Murphy
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Kass Thomas is a successful business entrepreneur, author, coach and communication expert who helps people take 7 steps to flawless communication.

The depth and range of her life and career experiences inspires people to explore more choices and find the changes they are looking for, and she inspires clients to discover their unique brand of magic.

A best-selling author, Kass Thomas guides others to transform the negative into positive, even in limiting situations. She is a catalyst for unity and believes there is so much more that unites us than separates us.

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In this episode Kass talks about a morning mantra - here is is:

'All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory'


Hello, and welcome to women in confidence with me, Vanessa Murphy, HR expert, confidence coach, and now podcaster. This podcast discusses all things to do with confidence in life and in work. And this is a podcast for women who want to learn what confidence is, how to obtain it and how to maintain it and learn how confidence can help you grow and flourish.

Every week. I introduce you to amazing women who have interesting stories to tell about confidence through their stories, insights, hints, and tips. You realize that lack of self belief or low self-esteem is common and also very human. But by listening to them, you'll take away what they have done to show up confidently on the inside, as well as on the outside,

Kass hello and welcome to women in confidence. How are you doing?

How are you doing? I'm doing great. Thank you. It's great to be here with you.

well, thank you for joining me. Where are you at the moment in the world? I like to get point out right at the beginning. So people can see where, how global we


Exactly. It's been a week that I've been back in Rome, Italy, and I, before that I spent three weeks in the us, which was amazing where I was born and raised, but I've been living in Italy for over 20 years and in Boston and New York and Martha's vineyard, it was just wonderful. Yeah. So now I'm in, in Italy and then next week to Spain oh gosh.

Okay. You so really well traveled. And exactly. And was the travel part of work or

pleasure? Both actually, I had a reunion with my high school in Boston. So people were like, oh, you're coming to the states. Let's do some workshops. Let's do seven steps workshop. Let's do dancing with Rich's workshop a three day body class with access.

And so I did that in New York and and then I traveled to Martha's vineyard where I used to go every summer as a kid. It's an island off the coast of Massachusetts. And it was just so lovely. I haven't been there in. Swimming in the morning in the ocean at seven 30 in the morning, but you're in Australia.

So you're used to swimming in

the ocean. Yeah, but not in the winter. definitely not in the winter. You've mentioned two things that in just your little introduction I wanna cover one was about the seven steps and the other one was about dancing with riches. So we're gonna cover those off, but I was just looking and doing some research about you.

And there are many things that could be attributed to you and your job or what you do. So I've got business entrepreneur, I've got motivational speaker empowerment, business, coach communication expert, and also an author and a singer. I know you're a singer as well. So just tell everybody in your own words, how would you describe what you do?

I'm always asking what is it that brings me joy, and always asking what is it that if I engage with, even if it's not business, but that it will create more in my life. You know what I mean? I've been playing tennis and doing workouts and, we might not have a lot of time.

We might have our calendar, our checklist. But things go so much more with ease and so much more quickly if we take some time and put ourselves on our calendars, and it's it gives your body, really lots of space and relaxation, and it actually relaxes your mind a bit, which we are so engaged with our mind and what we think we have to do.

And if we're just showing up as who we are, who we really are then the confidence that we have in ourselves, we know we can never get ourselves wrong. We know that nobody does us like we do us. And so even if someone has some criticisms or some suggestions, we're not going into defense or feeling like we are right or wrong about something, we are the best version of us that exists.

Lots of things. Yes. That I engage with. I even did a couple of casting at things for elevated series and it. But just to have fun, just to, to actually go out of your comfort zone so that when you go back into your comfort zone, something you're used to you are, you're like ready.

You're like, oh, this is easy.

I really like what you say about putting yourself in your diary, because, I know, and I'll probably speak for many women who are listening. That's really hard to do. Because people have jobs, people have businesses, people have, families, et cetera. How have you been very clear or establish that boundary that you are gonna put yourself in your diary?

I'm not sure that it's actually very hard. It's that maybe we have never even considered. Do you know what I mean? Because when we put, when you put things, you've got the phone, you've got the iPhone or the, the Android and you put things in your calendar. It's usually dates that come through an email or something that you've agreed with someone else.

But what is it? That you can agree with yourself. You know what I mean? In those, workshops that I ask what's different and unique about you. That's the first step in the seven steps. What's your unique brand of magic and in the dancing with riches, we are talking about business and workshops, but the first, one of the first things I ask is what's vital for you.

What is it that if it, you were not doing it, life would not be exciting or interesting, or, really wouldn't have fun being here. I love the outdoors, so a lot of times when we're working on computers with the sun, maybe there's not that much sun in the winter, we're inside.

We're looking at a screen. I love looking at the trees. I love looking at the sky. I love looking at the water, so what is it that's vital to you that ah, brings your joy, that really ah, makes your breathing really a deep breath. And even if you. Even if you just put it in the calendar and don't do it, it's still there present in your life and, oops.

There's one thing I didn't do on my checklist. I didn't go out and see the trees or listen to the birds or take a walk, really, I don't think that it, we it's difficult for people to do it. I think that just to think about it, what is it today that I can do that will bring me more. Delight joy pleasure in my life.

And if you do take 10 seconds, one minute, 10 minutes per day to do that everyone else, and everything else that you engage with. Will be very grateful because you'll be so much more enjoyable. . So

before we come on to talk about the seven steps and the dancing with riches, what does having confidence mean to you?


Having confidence to me means knowing who you are. Knowing what your capacities are and knowing what it is that when you are in line with that allows you to enjoy life much more. And it's not about making someone else wrong. When the access consciousness we talk about honoring you, which just means not treating you with disrespect, something that works for you.

It doesn't mean. That something that does not work for you is about making someone else wrong, but something that does not work for you, if you continue doing that's not honoring you. That's not treating you with respect. And once you're willing to treat yourself with respect and honor you, then it's so much easier to treat other people with respect and honor them, and even with your projects, You know what works for your projects?

You might have an idea that, oh, we've gotta get this done, but truth. Does that work for your project? does that, is that something that it actually is honoring of your project? Once you honor you, then it's much easier to honor other people as well. So confidence for me is knowing that you.

Are the best version of you that exists. And if you are willing to acknowledge what works for you, then you have confidence. When you walk, when you talk, when you play tennis or golf or whatever it is you play when you swim, when you work with other people and when you wake up in the morning. Yeah. And so that connecting with you is something that I really enjoy.

Engaging with, and you can trust. Yourself that sometimes you're not connected with you. Sometimes you're in a cranky mood. You trust that that you don't expect, oh, I can never be cranky. I can never be in a bad mood. No you trust yourself. You know that. Every now and again, this is, what's gonna show up for me.

And if you're not resisting that, then you go so much faster back to your confidence and to your trust of you and to your. Honoring of you. Does that make sense? Yeah, it

does. And I was starting to think about, do you, you are a confident person now, but have you always been confident? Have you always trusted yourself and really connected with yourself and also put yourself in your own diary?

The first thing that comes for us is confidence. When we enter into our mind and calculating and trying to decide what the best thing is and, doing some judgements of ourselves, then we go into a lack of confidence, but really what comes to you naturally is part of who you are.

So when, since I was a child, the confidence. I don't know if I would actually identify it as confidence, but the clarity for me of what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go. And what I would like to enjoy and experience was quite clear. Now I will used to be a little bit pushy as a kid because I would push people to get out of being.

Cranky or sad by really inviting them to laugh or to en enjoy something or, really soliciting from them. What do you wanna do? What would you like to do? I'm happy to do it. What is it that you like to do as a kid and laughing and enjoying them? And they would say, okay. She's not gonna let me be cranky and lack of confidence.

So then they would become present. And when you have presence then there's no lack of confidence, really, because there's no judgment there you're present with what is going on at the moment. I had a we all have phases, and I guess you might call it lack of confidence. But lack of confidence, how much is that?

Something that's knocking at your door that you maybe are not even willing to look at or consider losing a job. I remember the first time I lost a job, I was like, oh my goodness, what, how could that possibly happen? And then everyone was inviting me to take another job. And maybe you call this a lack of confidence, but it was, I didn't wanna take another job.

I actually wanted to spend some time. Exploring something new that I'd like to do. And that's what had me show up in Italy 20 years ago. So what is it that we've identified as a lack of confidence? That is actually an awareness, a sixth sense, right? A gut feeling that we are too busy focusing on the confidence level.

And it doesn't allow us to acknowledge, Hey, not only are we confident, but we're also wise. And we're also aware of something that maybe we haven't yet defined or identified, but let's explore it some. And that is what we've identified as lack of confidence may be wisdom.

Yeah. And I think what you've done there.

Is flip lack of confidence or a fear and turned it into something incredibly positive. So you've talked about wisdom and opportunities and something that perhaps is there for you to explore. And I really like that the way you flip that, because yeah, many people, there'll be so many events in their life that, knock their confidence.

Let's just use that. But actually what you are saying is. This is a really great opportunity for you to seek something that's perhaps calling you and giving you that space to explore and, be wise and all those sorts of things. I love the way you've done that. Yeah,

thank you. And also, I love the, your questions, that we've talked before and I love the way you invite that.

So maybe if you ever were thinking, oh, I, it's a lack of confidence. I need some to get some more information. Is if you looked at it from a different perspective, is that a lack of confidence that you need more information or is that your wisdom that you're like, I know there's something here that if I tap on different buttons, it will actually expand and share with people.

And the brilliant creators are like that, they're always they're not sitting back in their chair and relaxing. They're actually always, testing new things. So they're so busy moving forward that they don't actually have time for that lack of confidence. And what invitation can we be for people to recognize?

Oh, wow. I'm feeling a lack of confidence. Isn't that interesting. I wonder what my awareness is at the moment that's showing up in my life as a lack of confidence and, it's it also, I just wanted to say it also, we, that, that sixth sense that wisdom, that, that intuition also how much. If we're feeling what we've identified as lack of confidence is, are tapping into what other people around us who are in relationships with us, who are working with us, who we just walked by in the street.

Our feeling, how much are we picking up on what's going on with them? So one of the questions we ask amazing questions in access consciousness is when you're feeling a lack of confidence, ask yourself, wait a minute. Is this mine? Who does this belong to? Is this mine? It's such a great question in the millisecond, after you ask that question, if that tension and those feelings and emotions that come up, when you're identifying them as lack of confidence, the millisecond, after you ask, wait a minute, is this mine truth?

If it lightens up, if it goes away, if it makes you smile, you're like, oh, that's just my wisdom. Okay. Let me keep going. you don't have it

because you don't have to solve it. Yeah. Truth says people carry other people's lack of confidence. They to, and you are right. Asking yourself, the question is mine or is somebody else's is just that sort of circuit breaker to say, this is not my shit to deal with.

This is someone else's lack of confide that I'm

shoulder. Absolutely. And recognize just in while you're moving forward. Recognize. Wow, I'm pretty good. I pick I've got intuition. You know what I mean? Instead of, oh my gosh, why am I picking up on other people's things? That's a talent. That's an ability.

, It's interesting. I remember, people have asked me and I wrote about this, ex have you experienced racism, being American, being black being, and I'm like I don't think so. I don't think so, but maybe other people have, and am I not picking up on what their, you can go into that or is there something beyond that? So really, or being a woman, a lack of confidence, being a woman being in Italy, it's. It's the, the women's movement in Italy happened, 20 years later, however, how can I use that? Being a woman here in Italy, to my advantage, not, being an American D not an Italian to my advantage.

And what does that mean to my advantage to gain something from. To create more, not only in my life, but in the world. Yeah. So let's

talk about the seven steps. Cause I can see just behind you. I can see it, but nobody else will be able see it. There's a, you've got a tiny little thing that says seven steps.

So you

yes. Oh, yes. There's yes.

You've got a banner. Yes.

Saying seven steps. Yes. I just did a, I just did a book reading. So I've got the papers. Oh, okay.

I can see it and it looks amazing. And it's drawn me in to, to ask you the questions. How did you develop the sec? The seven steps.

It's great question.

Especially since we're talking about confidence, right? I was working on a book for a couple of years on communication. I got an undergrad degree in communication and graduate program and communication as well. And but one morning I woke up after working on that for so long.

The seven steps came to me, it was like how can I make this easy? It's such a small little book. And it was about seven years ago. So seven is a magic number in this moment. and it's so funny. Lots of religious people and spiritual people, and everyone loves that number seven, but maybe I was picking it up the number seven, but seven easy steps.

And so I began writing. Typing as I was doing every morning and this just flowed out, it's such a short little book and it's how do you connect with you? How do you disconnect with you? . And how do you reconnect with you once you've found the road back to you so that you can establish true connection?

So those are the four phases and over the last seven years, it's just been, delightful to engage and activate teachers trainers of seven steps around the world, different languages, different cultures, different colors, different. Sex is different sexual preferences, just all around the world.

So that flaw is seven steps to flawless. Communication is something that we are all capable of, just not having any flaws in the way you are. And that's the confidence, if you are. Not being the confidence of who you are, come on. There's nobody else that does you better than you are. How could you not be confident about you?

But it's not defined. And so you continually explore, what's a new and different for you in your life today. And the founder of access consciousness, Gary Douglas, when he met, we met almost 20 years. And he said, you have a very different way of communicating. ATAs it's not just that you live in Italy and you speak different languages that you're American, but you just communicate differently.

And I think that is something you can share with the world. That would be a contribution. So it's now in 20 languages that book and also the teachers are probably in about 10 languages around the country and you know what, the first language. Is our vibration, our energy. And that's when we're in line with that vibration, confidence is something that is part of who we are.

Talk to me about vibration then, because I understand what you mean by that. Perhaps some people who are listening to this podcast might not get what you mean by vibration and energy.

Yeah. A vibe, right? So sometimes have you ever walked into a room and said, oh I'm not, I don't really like this room.

I'm not sure why. Or somebody walks in and say, wow, they feel a little not happy. I wonder what's going on with them. So you're that's a vibe. Okay. That's an energy. And that's something that we are, and that that is part of who we are, and that energy is in our bodies.

Also, and we, when we're connected with ourselves we allow that. Vibe to be shared with others, when we're disconnected with ourselves, it's actually a disconnection from others. So when you walk into a place or you hear a phrase or see a picture or you go into a restaurant and it does it feel good to.

Does it make you happy? Do you, are you excited about being there or does it feel a little strange. I don't know why this is not really working for me. I call that light when it feels good and heavy when there's something not exactly in line with your vibration. So it's different for everyone, we have two vibrations, you and I, that actually dance together. They're in rhythm together and we enjoy our conversations. It doesn't always happen with people. And that doesn't mean that they're wrong, right? It doesn't mean that you have to, oh my goodness. Why can't I be in line with that person to be in a lack of confidence?

Maybe it's a wisdom. If you don't go into that lack of confidence or maybe it's just not the moment for that to go on, but each and every one of us lives on this planet, and walks on the earth. And so the vibration that we are is something that is part of this world, of this planet, of this earth.

And so when you are connected with your vibration, it's a kindness to. To your confidence level, to your people that are in your life. And it's also a contribution in a and a kindness to the world, when a tree is the leaves are not so happy, they're a little, I've got a.

Plum tree outside and that's happening a little bit and they're feeding and then the fruit comes out on those trees and it's not really healthy the fruit. And then, and then if it falls on the ground then it might infect, the dirt that's on the ground, but if the tree is actually. In line, with its vibe and creating the branches and the leaves, and then the fruit in the way that only that tree does right then it's it. How many people is that just about the tree? No. Then the grass is happy, then you're happy when you get the fruit, then your body's feeling good because you're eating good fruit.

So really that. The vibe of true wealth that we are. And so when you're not feeling good, just ask, what can I put in my calendar today that would allow me to be more connected with the vibe of who I am and only asking the question could be enough.

I was gonna ask you, actually, cuz you've mentioned two things, you've talked about connecting with yourself.

And then also you talked about realizing when you're disconnected with yourself and both. So my question really is what's the one sort of, bit of advice that you could say to the people who are listening is the. To find out, am I connected with myself or am I, what I'm feeling totally disconnected?

Is there some little trick or tip that they can do. You've already said take a moment to ask yourself the question, but what, is there anything else you can help us with cats?

Yeah, absolutely. The, that second phase of disconnected. How do you know when you're disconnected with yourself when you're in resistance?

To something when you're really locked into your head and you're having conversations with people before they've even happened. , those conversations. Have you ever done that? Yeah. Oh my goodness. Oh, goodness. You're like, okay if they say this to me, this is what I'm gonna respond.

And when I see them, this is what I'm going to say. You know what I mean? You go into that and then you never see them. They actually don't show up. And how many minutes or hours did you spend? Going over that conversation and wasting your time for something that actually didn't show up.

There's many different ways to know when you're not connected with you and the, in the seven steps. One of the ways that we talk about that disconnection is when you have barriers up. When you're in resistance to something or someone when you're actually not feeling even your joy. If I, if you have a joke, if you have anything that makes you laugh in life, this is just an advice.

Write it down or a little word, something that reminds you of it, put it in your wallet, keep it in your wallet. So if you're feeling not that great, you pull it out and look at it. If you don't laugh, like you usually do. When that shows up, you're not connected. how you've got up some walls or barriers or something.

And how do you do that? There's this pulling down your barriers exercise. And I've written about that in the, in both of the books, dancing with riches and seven steps. I've also, there's some free stuff on on YouTube about it. And also sometimes when you're doing that, it's almost like you have this shield up.

So one of the ways that you can do it with, without seeing us now is she's beautiful too. If you guys ever wanted to see her is also when you are feeling. How do I know if disconnected or not? You might just want to count to 10, and put your hand maybe on your heart. Sometimes.

And I've written about this sometimes we're so busy we're so we've got so many things on our checklist. We have so many things to do. We have so many things, and so we have to, we are really busy and we're really busy and you put your hand on your heart and you can't even feel it beating really.

You can't even feel it beating, you're not connected with you. Put your hand on your pulse. And just taking really darling, just taking 10 seconds to put your hand on your pulse and to count every time you feel a beat that will connect you. Isn't that amazing because you're dedicating 10 seconds to something that engages with you and don't forget to


Yeah. I was gonna say breathing. Yeah, don't forget to breathe because it's such it's something you just do without really thinking about it. But when you actually concentrate on your breathing I guess a bit like reaching for your pulse, it really focuses your mind on something other than all that's out there, all that noise and the distraction and the busy, the breath.

Really helps you focus. And you realize that when you start to connect with your breath, you realize how fast you breathe and how else in most of your breath. But just like you say, 10 seconds, just to focus on your breath, can really B bring you back to

themselves. Absolutely. I It's just such a simple one and people, once they do that, even if you, I suggest to people that they wake up in the morning and do that, we may have to go to the Lou.

We may have to go make a call, but truly 10 seconds that you're willing to just breathe in. Put your hand on your pulse or your heart. When you first wake up, you will be more connected than usual and just. Count the beats or say beep. That's an easy way to connect with you and you begin to notice once you start doing that, when you are not connected with you, you might be in an office.

Oh, we talk about work a lot. We might be in an office and someone says something that's sounds a little bit rigid. You will not even hear truly what they are saying. If you are disconnected from. You might even wanna record it because if you're disconnected, you've got up a wall or barrier. What they say comes through a really small tube tunnel to you.

And it's exactly what you've already decided that they are saying, and it might be something quite different. And is that enjoyable? You know what I mean is that enjoyable in life. And I love one of these movies, with Denzel Washington and Hank where Denzel Washington says, can you talk to me like I'm a two year old, please?

you know what I mean? Is that mean, is it was unconfident as a a cop? No, it means that I'm really willing to have. Arrive in a way that I understand it and get it. So when you are really connected with you then you can connect with other people, seeing things from their perspective. And I talk a lot about this with the seven steps and it might just be something that showed up for them that day.

It might have nothing to do with you. Most people are so disconnected and so much judgment of themselves, Vanessa. They totally don't have time to judge us. We, we're just like on the second plan, piano on the second phase for them, they're just busy. Not having confidence in themselves judging themselves.

So when they talk to us or when they vibe comes as something, that's not really congruent with ours, it might not have anything to do with us. It might have to do with them. So with those seven steps to flawless communication, it's a connecting with you B recognizing when you're disconnected and C reconnecting in a different way with people, including you.

But not excluding them.

And I guess doing this, like checking in with your vibration checking, when you are connected and disconnected, it's like a muscle that has to be practiced. It's not something, or it has to be used on a regular basis. It's not something you go, okay, I'm gonna do this once. I'm gonna wake up in the morning, feel my pulse.

I. And I'm here,

whatever works for, I some people wake up in the morning, they do meditation. Some people wake up in the morning, they do exercises. Some people wake up in the morning, they sing a song. I love that. Singing a song, zoo, yoga, whatever it is that works for you. I just mentioned that quick one, because sometimes you wake up, and and we're so busy. We have to go. I remember when I first started access consciousness, they said, if you wake up in the morning and you say. This mantra, all of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory. If you say that 10 times in the morning, right? It'll change your vibration. So I said, of course, no I'm not sure that's gonna work.

I'm gonna try it. And I will see after a couple of months, if it doesn't work, I'll definitely tell them. But that was an obligation I was doing to myself. So then when I would wake up and I'd be in the sink or, at the sink brushing my teeth, I'd be like, oh my. I didn't do that. , I'd go back in the bed and I'd say it again with the toothbrush in my mouth.

and yeah, it's a beautiful thing to begin the day. All of life comes to me. It's about you with ease and joy and glory. That's lovely. But if you don't remember that, Do the pulse, and then you'll say what else could I do in the morning to start the day with you? That's my song. Anyway, singer, I love that.

Yeah, go for it. Dancings

so cast sang to me in when we first met and I really hope he sings for me now.

It would be my pleasure. Oh, I,

no, please do pleasure. Pleasure. My pleasure. And the reason why the song came about is, is because of your work. It's not it's connected to the dancers with riches.

So it's really important song for what you do as well.

Absolutely. And it's also, the beat friend of mine, it's a CA Simba song, the sky Simba the beat is actually a beat that it's danceable, but Also a rhythm that connects with people to help them avoid Alzheimer's.

So would you say then, so based on what you've just talked about, would you say that confidence is contagious, it's infectious.

So if you are confident and you are radiating or vibration, does, is it infectious? Smiling is cuz you are smiling and I immediately smiled, but it's confident in the same thing.

Yes. And you were smiling now because I was smiling. It was your wisdom and your awareness that you're smiling. Yes. Yes.

And how, when you say, when you ask that question, right? How do you feel inside?

I just feel joy when I do these podcasts anyway. So I come into the, this whole space of podcasting with such an energy. You might not necessarily see it, but I feel it. So anytime I ask a question, I'm just like, oh, this makes me so happy.

And where do your questions come from?

I don't script anything. So it comes from here and it comes from, I guess my wisdom, what my C yeah. This is very selfish in many ways, this podcast, cuz it's about what I wanna know about you and what you can teach. And I just have this amazing ability to share that then with other people, but, and how is that


That's so kind.

Oh, cause I do well, maybe it is kind because I use this as a channel to share with other people, but for me, my questions are like, I wanna know about what Cass is saying and I'm just hoping other people do wanna know as well.

Yes. But it's also your wisdom, and that's how that's connecting with you. And that's how your contribution to other people, so and I love the way, the only reason I'm ask the reason I'm asking you, these is also to, to demonstrate whoever's listening to us also. And to you the wisdom that you have that actual in connecting with you and you're focused first on you and what you would like to know.

And when you are enjoying that, then you're actually sharing that vibe with the world. And so even if they don't listen to us, they hear us and they hear the vibe of what we're saying. So what is the question? This is the question I'm asking for anyone listening. What is the question that you can ask someone that will actually give you AC more access to your wisdom?

And you can share that. Vibe with the world and that's what Vanessa does. And she's amazing at that.

You're very kind, bro. Where can people find the book because particularly dancing with the riches, but you've obviously got seven steps as well. Where can people find all the information about you and your books and all your work?

Yeah, they can find them. We've got all the on cast You can find out where to go because some are they're on Amazon. And the we have 'em in different languages. And so there's different publishers for different ones, the seventh steps. I'm the main publisher of that.

It's a self-published book, cuz it's so small. The publishers are like, honey. It's it's more than 20 words, but but the dancing with riches it's now yeah, in English you can find it on access, Yeah. If you want it in French, it's on Amazon it's. And in. Spanish it's on the access consciousness site in Spanish.

Yeah. I'll put all those details in the show notes so people can reach out for

yeah, I can. But all of that, if you go to cast, whatever language you want, whatever book you want. Yeah. And I've, co-written several books. The adventures of being you by Dr. Dean here. One of the authors in that book and also several other books too.

So all of those are on the website.

Just going back to your books then. Because that's not how you started out. You didn't start as an author. How did you know that sort of deep inside you had a book in you and you were gonna then produced, several books.

I had always wanted to, I, and I didn't remember that until several years after writing a book, I had always wanted to be, I thought I wanted to be an author and a teacher.

And it wasn't until years later when I was facilitating access classes and had a book out and I was like, wait a. I guess I am a teacher and I'm an author. That's so funny. But like I said, the there were some great books that I was helping find publishers in Italy for access consciousness books by Gary Douglas and Dr.

Dan here. And and they were like, guess you need to write a book. And I was like, why. Hello. Don't don't distract me. I'm busy trying to get these books into Italian. So the Italians can you know that you guys did yes, but every one of us, and this is for anyone thinking. And we do work on the getting, helping people write their book.

Every one of us has a different way of sharing something in a book. What the book I write will be D. Even if it's the same topic, then the book you write and some people will like up mine. Some people will like yours, but either way it's gonna be a contribution. So that's they pushed me to write it.

And I said it's not, I'm talking about the way I communicated. So my life, it's not gonna be necessarily an access book. They were like, who cares? It doesn't have to be, it has to be yours. So that was such a invitation and each and every one of us is unique. So what is it. You could get out there and any way I can help, please let me know, cuz you are amazing.

And. So are

you gonna sing for me your song? Cause I loved it. I

can be difficult at times it weighs you down, but that's no reason to go through every day with a frown. Take a look at the brightest side. Be strong, be ready to be free. Learn from. Failures and become more. You can be dancing with riches.

Don't give into strive dancing with riches. You can cut through it like a knife. Dancing with riches, learn how you can strive dancing with riches, the pleasures, the treasures of your life.

okay. Thank you. You've totally set the benchmark now for my guess. To come, they've got to sing to me and then do some more than that.

Gosh, that was amazing. Thank you so much. So Kass sorry this interview could go on for a long time. And I think when we first met, we did actually talk for over an hour, but we have to draw it to a close I'm afraid. So I just wanna say huge. Thank you for being on the show. What's your sort of parting advice to people who are listening and they just wanna understand.

About confidence and am I a confident person and what I can do to become confident

advice. Absolutely. And, thank you for asking and, a couple of the things that I invite people to just have a look at is what are you grateful for? Who are you grateful for? I suggest that people actually just write it on a little piece of paper and put it in a little box or a hat, something in the morning.

What am I grateful for? Sometimes it takes us a while. I'm grateful to have, two hands or something like that, whatever it is so that when you are not feeling confident, you can go into that box or that hat and pull out some of the things that you've written in there. And another thing to ask, what is vital?

To me in my life. That's one of the things that I engage with in my first module of the dancing with Riches workshops. And a lot of times we think, oh, what's vital. Is that I do this. Did I do that? I be just breathing fresh air. And I just wanted to say, there's no wrong way of breathing. If you're listening.

You're still alive. and you're breathing just fine. okay. So don't go into the rightness of it, but what is vital to me and just write 10 things down that if it didn't exist, if you didn't have a window, the sun might be vital to you. If you didn't have, a nice cup of tea in the morning, whatever that is, just write it down.

It doesn't have to be significant, but the more you are willing to do that, then you begin to connect with you in a way that gives you confidence and knowing that, you know you that no one does you better than you. And that if you're willing, To honor you trust you, be grateful for you, be vulnerable with you and be an allowance of you.

You will have a level of confidence and intimacy with yourself. Yeah.

Beautiful. Thank you so much for that. Kass thanks again for being on the show and I'll put all the details of how people can contact you and maybe the lyrics to your song as well in the show notes that people can read though.

So thank you so much for joining me today on women in confidence.

I adore you. Thank you so much. And please continue being the contribution you are to the