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St. Lucas School Gala with Liz Dreher
Episode 10213th February 2024 • Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz • Fuzz Martin
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This week, Liz Dreher of the St. Lucas School PTO (and owner of Celtic Knot Massage in West Bend), joins me to talk about their inaugural St. Lucas Gala to raise funds for a new security system. The event is taking place at Foundry 45 in Kewaskum on Thursday, March 7th, starting at 5:00 pm. It will feature a number of silent auction items, great food from Crave of Campbellsport, and music by Whole Yachta Love. Visit the link below for more detail.

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Fuzz Martin 0:00

Oh man, it's so great to be back with you again this week. Thank you for tuning into 15 minutes with fuzz. My name is Fuzz Martin. Well my my nickname is fuzz. My last name is Martin sometimes when I get a spam email, people who aren't from the United States sometimes glitch out when they see the name fuzz, and they just call me Martin. But here's a little secret. My first name is really Mike, but don't tell anybody. quick backstory on my name in case you're wondering. We've been together for 102 episodes now. I used to work for a landscaping company actinic and Services Incorporated when I was a kid, I started there when I was 13. Worked there in some capacity till I was 21. Anyway, the first summer I got there, I had gotten a buzz cut so that my giant noggin would fit inside my football helmet. And the foreman started calling me fuzzy in front of my friends. And the nickname stuck actually fun fact. My first job in radio I was fuzzy the weekend guy on a station called 104.5 WSLD in Whitewater. Anyway, here we are. 33 years after I got my nickname. And we're still calling me Fuzz enough about that.

Let's talk about why we're here today. This week. Liz Dreher joins me to talk about the St Lucas PTOs gala to help raise funds for the Lutheran School and Kewaskum It sounds like a really fun event that you don't want to miss. And with that, here are 15 minutes on the St Lucas School gala with Liz Dreher on Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz.

Liz, thank you so much for coming on. Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz before we start talking about why you're really here today. Can we first talk a little bit about you and your business? So you own Celtic Knot Massage, right? That's correct. So where is that?

Liz Dreher 2:01

I'm located I highway 33. I'm actually in the back of my brother's gym, which is A1 Health and Fitness. Lifestar Ambulance is also in that building as well.

Fuzz Martin 2:10

Very good. Okay, so over on the west side of town, right? You're heading west and kind of starting to go up the hill? West? I'm 33. So how long have you been doing massage?

Liz Dreher 2:18

Oh, gosh, almost about 10 years now. Okay. I'm actually just over 10 years

Fuzz Martin 2:22

You used to be over by the tarot card reader person, right. Yeah. I didn't realize you had moved. So glad I asked you. Yeah, what kind of massage and things do you ah,

Liz Dreher 2:32

I could do just about all the modalities as far as relaxation, therapeutic for massage. I work with a lot of the athletes actually at the gym, and I like working problems out. I'm not super fufu into the spa side of things. I could do it. But yeah, I like finding issues and working those issues out. I do cupping as well. Which I've had a lot of success with helping people for all different reasons.

Fuzz Martin 2:59

That's where you put the like suction cup, kind of

Liz Dreher 2:59

like he wrestles with the octopus. Yeah, perfect.

Fuzz Martin 3:03

I've seen it done. I've never had it done. Pretty cool. So you are also involved with St. Lucas school in the PTO, right? What's your connection to the school?

Liz Dreher 3:12

So my husband and I moved out of West Bend into Kewaskum, a couple of years ago and my husband's Lutheran and so we started going to the church. And our daughter was little at the time and we really enjoyed the church and the community. And so we just kind of fell into the school then being a part of the school now both of my children go there and have and kindergarten. The school is very small. And we love it. I started going to the PTO meetings just to become more involved and informed.

Fuzz Martin 3:44

Is that K6? K... (K4) K4 okay. Yeah. And they transition over to KES, typically or we're

Liz Dreher 3:52

so we filter into Kettle Moraine Lutheran a lot but also Kewaskum High School

Fuzz Martin 3:57

for those who aren't who aren't familiar can tell us a little bit about St. Lucas school. What's the school like? What's the community like there?

Liz Dreher 4:02

So it's the only Lutheran School in the area. So we pull from Campbellsport and Kewaskum also Allenton some of the surrounding areas. It's small, small community family like we love it. We can directly text the teachers super open lines of communication, which is awesome. I can walk my kids into school every morning and the principal stands outside and holds the door for you and gives each child the high five you enter the school it's just very, very small community but loving and and you just all feel very connected

Fuzz Martin 4:36

Sure, it's a local tight knit kind of feel. Absolutely. Very good. Coming up is the St Lucas school Gala, which is happening at Foundry 45 on March 7, right? Correct. And what time does that happen?

Liz Dreher 4:50

Doors are open about 5pm Okay, and food will be served from five to seven and then we have an amazing band superduper are fun. So the band will start playing about 730.

Fuzz Martin 5:02

Excellent. So let's start with the theme. So the theme is the "Pearl of the Sea." Tell us how you came to the Pearl of the Sea theme.

Liz Dreher 5:10

So I when we first found St. Lucas and the kids started going, I would always refer to it as this little diamond in the rough, this tiny little community just tucked away in Kewaskum. And I just felt like it was like this undiscovered diamond. When the idea of doing a gala happened. We had been out to solo and saw this amazing band and I just fell in love with them. And they're called Whole Yachta Love. So boat themed. So my diamond in the rough quickly turned into pearl of the sea. Okay, gotcha. So

Fuzz Martin 5:42

you get that yacht kind of theme. Absolutely. Yeah, yeah.

Liz Dreher 5:46

So we went, we ran with the ocean and pearl of the sea and with the band Whole Yachta Love. It's it's just going to be a good, good fun.

Fuzz Martin 5:57

Is that like yacht rock? kinda stuff?

Speaker 1 5:58

Exactly. Yeah, they're a blast, kind of 70s and 80s. Captain and Tennile. Just fun, fun. Cool.

Fuzz Martin 6:05

So you kind of feel like you'll be out on, you know, like big cedar or something in the summer.

Liz Dreher 6:09

That's exactly just basking in the sun.

Fuzz Martin 6:11

So that sounds like a ton of fun. And I know you've got a lot of stuff involved with going on. First of all, you've been this. This is your first Gala. You've been planning right?

Liz Dreher 6:21

Ever. Yeah.

Fuzz Martin 6:22

How's that been going?

Liz Dreher 6:23

I'm very well, actually, I have two wonderful co chairs that just valiantly stepped up. And the three of us really work well together. They are more of the behind the scenes things. But without them, I would still be handwriting letters, probably.

Fuzz Martin 6:39

You want to name drop them so they get recognition.

Liz Dreher 6:42

Jennell Enright and Alex Herther, so they are definitely the brains behind me. I would be lost.

Fuzz Martin 6:48

Are you going to take up a career in event planning after this?

Liz Dreher 6:51

I am having actually a lot of fun. I'm not sleeping well at night because I'm nervous and all of the things but I've really enjoyed this. It's like throwing a really big party and it's it's been fun.

Fuzz Martin 7:02

Well, that means you care, right? (Yes.) All right. So I know one of the big things with putting together an event like this is getting the silent auction items and raffle prizes and those kinds of things. So what kind of silent auction items can people expect that the Pearl of the Sea Gala for St. Lucas school

Liz Dreher 7:18

We have some pretty cool stuff. We have a quarter of a cow corn fed cow we have a week stay in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. We have a beautiful gun safe it sinks into the wall and frame and mirror. We have a Green Bay Packers football signed by the entire team including Jordan love that super fun one tickets to lots of different events, lads a local gift baskets from businesses around West Bend and Kewaskum. Everybody's been super generous.

Fuzz Martin 7:48

So are all of these going to be selling auction items? Or do you also have some other kind of ways for people to earn or when I guess prizes?

Liz Dreher 7:57

Yes, we're going to have the silent auction items. But then we're also going to have raffle tickets and gift baskets. Okay, Koehn and Koehn has donated some beautiful jewelry. We're gonna do a ladder toss game for that. And there will be 50/50 as well.

Fuzz Martin 8:10

Excellent. Let's talk about the food for a second because when I first talked to you about this, you were very excited. Where's the food coming from?

Liz Dreher 8:16

Food is coming from Crave which is located at Campbellsport if anybody's ever been there, they know how wonderful their food is. And if you haven't, you should go cuz their foods. Pretty spectacular.

Fuzz Martin 8:24

It is pretty great. Yes, I agree. And so is that that's not gonna be full meal. So it's gonna be heavy hors d'oeuvres, right?

Liz Dreher 8:30

Yep. Heavy appetizers. Yeah, plenty of plenty of food. Everybody's nobody should be leaving hungry by any means. But yeah, we want people to mingle and look at all of the amazing items that we've gotten donated. So it's more of a casual setting, as far as the food goes.

Fuzz Martin 8:45

Again, the band Whole Yachta Love will take the stage at seven correct 7:30 - 7:30. This is all to raise funds for the school have for the PTO is raising funds for the school what? What are the funds being used for for this gala,

Liz Dreher 9:02

They're being raised for a new security system and upgraded security system, our current system is very outdated. So there's no way to see who's at the door, you ring a bell and it disrupts the classroom, a teacher has to actually leave his or her classroom to come open the door and see who's at the door. So these new security systems and videos and cameras will allow all of the teachers to be able to see who's at the door from their classroom. It also has perimeter cameras outside setup to just again, for safety. We feel like this is going to also really benefit the community. We're within, you know, several blocks of Kewaskum Middle school and high school. So if something's going on down by us, we can alert them and just keep hopefully keep everybody safe.

Fuzz Martin 9:46

All right, excellent. And I assume that's not a cheap type of upgrade, right?

Liz Dreher 9:51

No, no, we have we have some work to do. But I think we're headed in the right direction for sure.

Fuzz Martin 9:57

Is the event open to the public and how how much are tickets if people want to join us

Liz Dreher:

Please come it's definitely open to the public. It's $50 a ticket which gets you in the door it gets you all the all the you can eat food and the band and then obviously, the raffles and all the fun things we're going to be doing that night, you can contact either Janelle And right or I directly or call the school by any means to purchase tickets in person. Otherwise, we do have a website as well that you can go on and purchase those tickets. It's built off of my business. So it's

Fuzz Martin:

Okay, so Correct. All right. Very good. I found that by searching on Google. So I think you'll be able to get there if you just type in St. Lucas PTO fundraiser? Sure.

Liz Dreher:

Yep. Yep. Because it's on our school website. Yeah, yeah. Okay,

Fuzz Martin:

perfect. How far in advance people need to buy tickets. I know it's coming up soon is that somebody need for the caterer to have a head count?


Yes, we will have to let the caterer know by February 26, I believe so we're stopping in ticket sales, the 23rd of February that way, if we have a little time through the weekend, if someone's like, oh, I need a ticket yet. We have a little wiggle room. But yeah, February 23.

Fuzz Martin:

And so on the date that this episode comes out, you have about 10 days to get those tickets purchased. So get out there and do that. And again, you can go to the St. Lucas School website and click the link over to your website or go to And, obviously, you know, this sounds like a great event for the school and for the community. But what are some other ways that people can get involved with St. Luke's school or or with fundraising?

Liz Dreher:

Yes, absolutely. So last year, St. Lucas got accredited, which means we are a part of the Wisconsin parental choice. So that means you can open a role and depending on your income, you can get financial assistance to attend the parochial school. So that was huge for us. We really want to grow and add more students to our school. It is open for enrollment right now. And that's from February 1, and you can enroll up until April 18. And apply for financial aid. And that would be for the following school year.

Fuzz Martin:

And again, the pearl of the sea gala for the st Lucas school. But I'm at the PTO happening Thursday, March 7. Get your tickets today. And to wrap things up once again, if you want to share the name and location of your Massage Studio and people can check that out.

Liz Dreher:

Sure, yes, my name is Liz Dreyer. And I own Celtic Knot Massage. I'm located on Highway 33. Just on the west side of West Bend.

Fuzz Martin:

Liz. Thanks for coming. It was great seeing you,

Liz Dreher:

thank you so much.

Fuzz Martin:

Thank you again so much to Liz Dreher of the St. Lucas school in Kewaskum. PTO, again, hope you join them for their Pearl of the Sea Gala. I'll actually be the emcee of that event. So if you're there, I'll see you there. Okay. It'll be a fun time. If you ever listen to the show, and you're like, hey, Fuzz, you should interview this person because I know they're here in Washington County and they're doing great things for our community. Well, please share that information with me. Don't be bashful, you can easily get in touch with me by emailing You just spell out the number Or go to and fill in the form that's guest. New episodes drop on Tuesday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube and on Thank you for listening and I will talk to you again next week. Right here on Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz.




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