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138. Lena Skahill: "Nurturing Through Nature: Adoptee and Foster Care Experiences and the Healing Power of Nature”
5th September 2023 • Once Upon A Time...In Adopteeland • Jennifer Dyan Ghoston
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Lena Skahill received her Master’s degree in Sociology in 2012 from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. She is an adjunct professor of Sociology and Women’s and Ethic Studies at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. She created her departments first courses in Adoption and Family Studies now available to all students regardless of their discipline. Lena  has also given volunteered with adoption non-profits over the last decade and dedicated her academic career toward the pursuit of teaching and sharing the unique lived experiences of all members of the adoption constellation. Lena also teaches courses on the intersection of climate change and environmental justice. She holds a Master’s Certification in Environmental Education through the North American Association of Environmental Education. She has been a lifelong advocate for the natural world and its sentient beings. Lena is dedicated to the power of ‘each one, reach one, teach one’ and she strives to create communities of students, colleagues and friends who share the same mission.

Lena is also an adoptee of a closed adoption in 1966 and engaged in reunion with both of her first families. She is also a photographer with an emphasis social documentary story telling, wildlife, landscape and portrait photography. Some of her greatest joys are spending time in nature, rare and sweet moments with her two grown daughters and to be behind the camera telling stories and shining a light on people, places and sentient beings. For her, these stories matter now more than ever.”

Her recent social documentary work The Womxn’s Power Project can be found on Instagram at @womxnspowerproject. Other bodies of work can be found on her website at 

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