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The Corona Diaries - Steve Hogarth EPISODE 49, 5th April 2021
Chapter 49. Pass the mushrooms, hombre.
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Chapter 49. Pass the mushrooms, hombre.

And that brings us around to 'the difficult second album'.

There is no doubt that up until we began writing what would become Holidays In Eden, the honeymoon period for band & new singer had held together pretty well.

As we headed back down to Brighton, and the slightly posher surroundings of Stanbridge Farm, the sun was (literally) shining both for us...and on us.

Of course when we finally left there was snow on the ground. We thought we had written three nailed-on hit singles, I had discovered that rice tastes good but FEELS better and that light occasionally goes a bit goo-ey and tastes of oranges.

But we will get to all of that in due course...

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