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How to Handle Objections From Property-Level Leads
Episode 2227th June 2021 • The Solution a Real Estate Podcast • The Solution a Real Estate Podcast
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Welcome to the Solution - a Real Estate Podcast where Jeff Sibbach and Phil Sexton share what they see happening in the industry, ways to put the consumer first, and how we can collectively change the industry for the better.

Last week we talked about how LEOPARD members can get leads off of your listings and how you can get them FEE-less. We’re following up on the discussion with the most common objections you’re going to hear about property-level leads and how to handle them.

Property-level leads are inquiring about a specific property and are often times standing outside the property or attending an open house. They are not responding to direct mail or an ad but may have found the property via internet marketing platforms such as Zillow or

Catch the podcast to hear the top 3 objections and take note as they share some great scripts on handling objections. They even did some role-playing with their live studio audience so listen first-hand to how they maneuvered around difficult conversations with leads.

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