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Michaels Craft Store Has Life Seriously Figured Out!
Episode 3322nd May 2022 • Butterfly Kisses • Amy Gray-Cunningham
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Join Amy as she talks with Reverend Roger Butts about his 20-year ministry career that includes time as a hospital chaplain during the early years of Covid. They discuss what it was like for him as he assisted people transition from this world to the next and how he did it when they believed in a different God than he or no God at all. Roger tells a story about a nurse who helps a wife say her last goodbye to her husband and how he saw the face of God in this nurse by the compassion she showed the grieving wife.

Roger is a quiet, loving, and rather funny guy who has a story for everything. He will keep you entertained with his quirky sense of humor and unique style as he explains his views on religion, God, faith, and family. 

Roger believes Michaels craft store has life all figured out with their signs—Faith, Family, and Friends! Why would we need anything more?

Join Amy in this week's fun episode of Butterfly Kisses as we explore the meaning of Faith, Family, and Friends.

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