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#1 Mary Berg - Dentistry in Veterinary Medicine
Episode 11st April 2019 • The Veterinarian Success Podcast • Isaiah Douglass
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My guest on today’s show is Mary Berg. Mary is the founder of Beyond the Crown Veterinary Education. Beyond the Crown’s goal is to help veterinarians take their dentistry to the next level. The unique thing about Mary is her background in research, in-practice care, and now consulting. As you’ll hear her experience has allowed for an interesting take on the dilemma of dentistry in vet med. She talks about how like humans, oral care is the key to a healthy pet, opportunity, revenue, and increase in standard of care dentistry brings, and be sure to listen to the end for our Mary’s thoughts on vet techs utilization and compensation. So with that introduction I hope you enjoy this episode with Mary Berg. 

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