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Managing Nightmare Clients | TSMP #081
Episode 8121st November 2021 • The Successful Mentalist • The Successful Mentalist
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Four Actionable Principles To Help You With Difficult Clients

Let’s acknowledge the fact that not all clients are great to work with. Some of them can be a downright nightmare. If you run an entertainment business, chances are you have dealt with your fair share of difficult clients.

During such situations, it's necessary to have a clearly laid out plan to deal with these clients. It can help in avoiding unpleasant conversations and saving valuable time.

In this episode, Aidan and Ashley share four actionable principles to manage nightmare clients. You can implement these principles in your entertainment business TODAY and let us know your feedback.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • [00:30] How To Deal With Difficult Clients
  • [02:10] Ashley’s Experience With A Nightmare Client
  • [07:55] Principle 1 - Set Up Healthy Boundaries
  • [12:20] Conveying The Soft Cap Timeframe
  • [18:05] How To Identify A Nightmare Client
  • [21:30] What To Do When Clients Don’t Turn In Paperwork
  • [25:50] Principle 2 - Manage Your Expectations
  • [28:50] Why Automatic Email Replies Might Not Work
  • [33:50] Principle 3 - Build Systems And Be Consistent
  • [38:00] Understanding Client Journey - Just The Tip #27
  • [40:25] Principle 4 - Be Comfortable To Reject Clients
  • [48:00] When And How To Increase Your Fees

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