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Confessions of a Job Search Coach
Episode 115th July 2021 • Love Your Work Life with Elissa Shuck • ES-STRATEGIC, LLC
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As a job search coach, I think it's important for my audience to know my own personal success rate. That's why I break down my stats on this episode, as well as some practical skills you can apply in your job search today.

"The goal of an interview is to get an offer, [but] you don't actually need to have these strenghts in order to do well in an interview. These things I'm talking about can actually be taught, [...] even if it doesn't come natural to you." - Elissa Shuck, LYWL EP.13

In this episode, you'll discover my personal interview-to-job-offer success rate as well as how to use your accomplishments as evidence of your strengths in an interview. Finally, you'll understand why visualization should be taken seriously when it comes to landing your dream job.

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