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4·13 Merry Frelling Christmas ⠀ (Terra Firma: Part 3)
Episode 1328th March 2023 • So Farscape! • Khaki & Kay
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Farscape 4·13: Terra Firma: Part 3

The arrival of Moya and her passengers throws the world for a loop, but John is too busy worrying about protecting the planet to enjoy the reunion with his family. He's survived torture, explosions, the vacuum of space, and too many critters to count, but it's Earth's future that frightens him most. Who can he tell, about the wonders - and horrors - that have changed him?

  • “Dorothy returns home but this dream come true is ruined by a nightmare in green sent to torture and murder friends and family in an attempt to gain the wormhole information. ” (thanks Marky See!)
  • “In the 2000s (EXTREMELY the 2000s) Farscape comes after the Bush administration ” (thanks Mysterytour !)
  • “Aeryn and Sikozu interrupt a girlboss meeting, meanwhille, Chiana and Noranti help out by having a gay-off.” (thanks Mysterytour!)

First aired on Monday, 6 January 2003, written by Richard Manning, and directed by Peter Andrikidis

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