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E110 | How To Change Your Company Culture with Siobhán McHale
Episode 11022nd September 2020 • Mind Your F**king Business • Dominic Monkhouse
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If your company culture could do with an overhaul, then who better to impart advice on this very topic than the culture transformer guru with a track record of making workplaces better, Siobhán McHale?

“We've got to move beyond the framing of culture purely in employee experience terms. It’s about how to create more agile, innovative, and commercial cultures that can be sustainable over time.”

Siobhán has worked across 4 continents helping thousands of leaders create more agile and productive workplaces. One such example of her work in action was the radical 7 year change initiative at Australia and New Zealand Bank Ltd (ANZ). 

In her time with ANZ she transformed the bank from being the lowest performing bank in the country into one of the highest performing and most admired banks in the world - a recognised paragon of customer service.

This work forms the backbone of her book The Insider's Guide To Culture Change which she talks about in this episode. She also discusses her four step approach to driving culture and what needs to happen inside an organisation to make that happen, how to test for EQ when recruiting and how to hire for customer-centricity. 

One thing that is apparent during this conversation with Siobhán is that she is adamant that culture is in service of strategy and that it follows on from strategy. Culture isn’t about staff engagement. It's about where your business is trying to go and what culture does your business need to put in place to enable its strategy to be successful?

A truly insightful conversation, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did. 

On today’s podcast:

  • How Siobhán defines culture
  • How she turned ANZ culture around
  • Rewriting values
  • Changing the way you hire
  • Running a ‘day in the life’ programme
  • Culture is about you deliver your strategy






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